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2013 David Jakes Keynote and Sessions


Expeditions, Journeys, Curiosity and Wonder

How imaginative is school?  What kinds of big ideas come from education that transform things?  Does education have the capacity to generate its own bold and magnificent ideas?  Does education, as an institution, have the capacity to wonder, to innovate and to take on a new expedition, one in which the outcome is possibly not known?  How will educators write the invitation to that expedition?  Isn't it time to finally write that invitation?

Over the next several days and beyond, take time to explore these questions.  By yourself.  With others.  Challenge yourself to develop your own call to action, and to purposefully rekindle a spirit of wonder about what you do, what’s possible, and how to realize it.   It’s time to write a new manifesto for learning, one that is actionable, and one that makes a difference in the education of students.  This presentation seeks to encourage you to do just that, to be curious, to go on a new journey, to wonder, and to take that next great expedition that will make all the difference.

Breakout Sessions

Creating Immersive Learning Environments with Mixed Media and Google

This session provides participants with an understanding of how to design interactive and immersive learning environments in Google Apps by blending together a wide variety of different media. Specifically, participants will learn how to remix the rich media resources of the Web, as well as content created in Apps itself, to create dynamic online learning environments in Google Sites and Google Earth.  Leave the session with a new understanding how the components of Google Apps can work together to create and support rich learning based in inquiry and discovery.

Re-Imagining the Spaces in Which We Learn

It's not hard to recognize the typical "classroom."  They haven't changed much.  And while we can honor all the learning that has taken place in that space, there is more to understand about how spaces can be designed to create environments that serve learners in 2013 and beyond.  Today, students have an opportunity to learn within an ever-expanding learning space, one that is filled with opportunities to seek on-demand learning, and learning that is free from the constraints of time, space and place.  Join David Jakes as we re-envision the intersection of space and learning, and build a new understanding about how learning institutions can create exciting and transformative physical and virtual spaces that extend learning into different dimensions.

About David:

A recognized expert in the educational technology field, David Jakes focuses on the
increased need to develop agile 21st century, personalized and digitally-enhanced
learning environments. Based in the Chicago office, David works alongside of
Cannon Design leaders to expand the Education Practice in the Central Region.

David’s educational thought leadership encompasses digital storytelling, cloud-based
learning environments and their relationship to physical learning spaces, mobile learning,
professional development, and the use and impact of social media in education. His
command of social media enables Cannon Design to be the professional voice in the
evolving conversation of primary, secondary, post-graduate and adult education. 

He has spent the last three decades in education as a teacher, technologist,
storyteller and designer, most recently overseeing all technology and library services
as the Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Information Services at Glenbrook
South High School in Glenview, IL. David is a frequent speaker at national and international
educational technology conferences.