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Call for Presenters!

Greetings from the Midwest Google Apps Summit planning committee,

Recently we will be announced the second annual Midwest Google Apps Summit for November 11-13th, 2012. The Summit will be held at The Glacier Canyon Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, WI for the second year in a row.

As part of the committee planning the Midwest Google Apps Summit.  
We are hoping that you would be interested in presenting at the summit.. If you are interested, please take a look at a few of the session titles listed below (differentiated in levels of expertise) and fill out this form sharing your interest in presenting.  

Request for Presentations Form

You do not have to stick to a title from the list below, it is just a list of suggested topics.  If you have another session that you would be interested in sharing that is not on the list, please feel free to add your own presentation and description.  We will have a lot of sessions throughout the two day conference so feel free to fill out the form more than once if you would be willing to share more than one presentation.

Please submit your presentation proposals by September 7th.  We will be in touch with you by the end of September to let you know more about the schedule for your presentation(s).  

For compensation, you will receive a complimentary registration to the two-day conference (a $249 value) and be able to work closely with this amazing group of Googlers and presenters.  We sincerely hope that you will accept the invitation to present to make this a successful professional development event for all.

Some Suggested Topics and Strands

  • Technical
  • Beginner- Getting Going with Google
  • Intermediate- Gear Up with Google Apps
  • Advanced- Getting Geeky with Google
  • Administrators?
  • Higher Ed?

Technical Strands
  • Technical Deployment of Google Apps for Education
  • Google Apps for Education Dashboard
  • Security, Archiving and Managing Google Apps for Education
  • The Guide to Going Google- Deploying Google Apps at your School

Beginner- Sessions will be labeled “Getting Going”
  • Getting Going with Google Apps for Education Overview
  • Getting Going with Google Earth
  • Getting Going with Google Chrome
  • Getting Going with YouTube for Schools
  • Getting Going with Student use of Google Apps for Education
  • The Guide to Going Google- Deploying Google Apps at your School

Intermediate- Sessions will be labeled “Gearing Up”
  • Gearing Up with Google Forms and Scripts
  • Gearing Up: Creating a Personalized Google Map
  • Gearing Up: Building tours with Google Earth
  • Gearing Up: Even More- Picasa, Blogger, Reader and Voice
  • Gearing Up: Chromebook Classroom
  • Gearing Up: Google Voice in the Classroom
  • Gearing Up: Google Apps for Administrators
  • Gearing Up with Advanced Google Search
  • Gearing Up with Google Reader
  • Gearing Up: Change Management with Google Apps for Education
  • Gearing Up: Getting Creative with Picasa and other photo editing apps

Advanced- Sessions will be labeled “Getting Geeky:
  • Getting Geeky with Google Lit Trips & Google Earth
  • Getting Geeky: Becoming a Chrome Ninja
  • Getting Geeky with Google Apps Scripts
  • Getting Geeky with Google Forms and Scripts
  • Getting Geeky with Google Spreadsheet Magic
  • Getting Geeky with Fusion Tables