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Pre-Summit Workshops

AM Workshops - 8:30am - 11:30am - Cost $85

Time Saving Scripts: Automate Your World!
Presenter: Jennie Magiera
See how Google scripts can streamline your classroom, school and even life. From auto-graded spreadsheets, to forms that create their own emails and calendar invitations, Google forms combined with some super scripts can truly automate your life.In this hands-on session, participants will get to explore and play with a handful of Google Scripts, including: 
Doctopus & Goobric - For digitially distributing and sharing Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets 
Autocrat - For merging responses from a form into a Google Doc or PDF 
FormMule - For auto-creating emails, texts and calendar appointments from form data.
Participants should be share to bring their own laptops (tablets will not work) so as to follow along and explore during this workshop.

Google Apps Has Even More!
Presenter: Stacy Behmer
There are so many Google Apps that extend beyond the core suite of Calendar, Gmail, Sites and Drive/Docs. This session will take a look at some of the EVEN MORE tools and how we can harness the power of all of these apps alone and then combine them to go above and beyond! We will examine Books, Google+, Alerts, Voice, News, Maps, Translate, Search and Chrome and how they can be used with the core suite for project based learning and to differentiate instruction.

Getting Your School Ready for Chromebooks
Presenter: Hank Thiele
This session is designed to talk through strategies for bringing in chromebooks, their challenges and successes, methods of communication to stakeholders, and strategies for managing and maintaining devices. We will also investigate the Chrome Web Store and the Management Console. Bring your questions around 1-1 chromebooks, deployment, and chromebook management.

YouTube in the Classroom
Presenter: Tracy Purdy
YouTube is the second-most used search engine on the web. Come learn how to incorporate media and video into all aspects of your classroom. Learn how to create your own YouTube Channel, subscribe to other Educational YouTube Channels, make YouTube playlists, and edit video with YouTube. You'll discover how to use YouTube EDU as a powerful teaching tool in the classroom.

Google Apps for Administrators
Presenter: Andy Crozier
Are you wanting to manage your district, school, or your own responsibilities more efficiently? Join Andy Crozier, Superintendent/Principal and Google Apps Trainer, in a workshop that will cover using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs as an administrator. This workshop will be designed for Superintendents, Principals, Curriculum Directors, and other school admins.

Google+, Hangouts and Events for Educators
Presenter: Chad Kafka

There are many great possibilities for educators with your Google+ account!  This workshop will look at how to use Google+ as an educator for networking with others.  We will also explore what Hangouts and Hangouts On Air are and how to use Events to plan for happenings in person or online with others.

Please be advised:

  • This workshop requires participants to be using a laptop or Chromebook; no tablets or iPads

  • Consult with your district IT staff to make sure “Google+” and “Hangouts” is enabled for your account

PM Workshops - 12:30pm - 3:30pm - Cost $85

Flipping Your Classroom with YouTube, Forms & Sites
Presenter: Molly Schroeder
Using YouTube and the Google Apps for Education you can flip your class for anytime, anywhere learning. YouTube is the ultimate source of educational and engaging videos for every occasion. Learn how to leverage extensive capabilities of YouTube and video in the classroom. This workshop will share the best places to find pre-vetted YouTube EDU videos for the K-12 classroom. Combine video with Google Forms to survey, personalize and differentiate instruction. Bring it all together with Google Sites as a place for you to host your flipped classroom.

Google Earth and Google Maps - Connect Your Classroom to the World
Presenter:  Benjamin Friesen
Come and find out how anyone can leverage Google Earth and the new Google Maps Engine to create customized maps and connect your classroom to the world.  I’ll highlight the underlying philosophy and relevant ways these tools can be used to enhance what you already do well in your classroom.  We’ll go beyond the possibilities and create tours, placemarks, embed images, customize views and insert media to create highly visual experiences for your students.  Learn everything you need to know to create your own "Google Lit Trip" and start building during this half day workshop!
  • This workshop requires participants to be using a laptop; no tablets, chromebooks or iPads

Google Forms Frenzy
Presenter: Brian Scheibach
Come to this workshop and find out how to harness the power of Google Forms.  You might have seen other Googly people use FORMS around your school and wondered "how'd they do that?"  This session will be hands-on and will give you a solid foundation on the tool and some advanced tips and tricks.  When you leave you will have created your very own FORM and will be ready to use in your school or classroom immediately, so bring some ideas.

Please be advised:

  • This workshop requires participants to be using a laptop or Chromebook; no tablets or iPads

Google Drive and Docs-  Create, Communicate and Collaborate
Presenter: Chad Kafka

Has your district 'gone Google' recently or you're planning to?  Want to learn how Google Drive/Docs can make things more efficient for your staff and students? This workshop is aimed at those just beginning to "Drive" with Google.  We will explore the files you can create in Google Drive including Documents, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations, Drawings and other Apps that now work as a part of Google Drive. Tips and setup will be shared for the educator on how to best manage your Drive account when working with students.

Please be advised:

  • This workshop requires participants to be using a laptop or Chromebook; no tablets or iPads

Google Apps on the iPad and iOS
Presenter: Jennie Magiera
Even if you and/or your school has decided to "Go Google", it doesn't mean you can't have a good experience on a non-Google product like the iPad. In fact, the beauty of the majority of Google's products and apps is that it's not tied down to specific hardware but anchored to the web. With that in mind, it's crucial to remember that if you want to use Google Apps on the iPad they will work. How well and to what extent is what educators and students need to be aware of.

PM Workshop (Sunday) - Google Apps Administrative Dashboard
Presenter: Mitch Dowhower

All Day Workshops - 8:30am - 3:30pm - Cost $170

Custom Scripting with Google Apps for Education
Presenter: Chad Frerichs
Come and see how one school district uses Google Apps and Google Apps Scripting to automate and improve processes from the classroom to district resources management. Leave the workshop with a working custom Google System of your own!

Becoming a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer - Bootcamp
Presenter: Lance Lennon