Getting Geeky - Creating Lit Trips in Google Earth

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have upgraded to Google Earth 7.0 prior to coming to the session.  
This session is not designed for iPad, Android or Chromebooks.  The full functionality of Google Earth cannot be achieved on these devices.  

  1. Guided Exploration
  2. Storytelling on Steroids - Virtual Field Trips

Opener:  One Billion Downloads!

The companion Google Earth KMZ file is attached at the bottom of the page.  This file is a guided tutorial to Google Earth!

: 1960 Terremoto

Activity 1:  Build a Trip

Explore & Overview:
  • Create a folder
  • Drag & Drop
  • File system
  • Check boxes
  • Pro Navigation Tips
  • Save to my places...

Differentiated Tutorial:
  • Placemarks
  • Title
  • Link
  • Image
  • Snapshot View
  • YouTube
  • Layers

Tell your Story:  Tours
Entry: Tour Guide - New with Google Earth 7.0+
Medium: Playing a Tour - Automatically play a whole folder
Geek: Record a Tour - Customize a tour

Share your Tour - KML/KMZ

Google Earth on the iPad
  • Create Basic Content via My Places in Maps

Minnesota Google Apps Summit - May 11, 2013!  

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    Benjamin Friesen | Flipped Education
    Hopkins Public Schools - Minnesota

    The Tools:
    What is the difference?

    The Crib Sheets:

    Google Earth Resources:

    Google Earth PRO Grants for EDU
    Google Earth - One Stop Shop
    Google Earth Gallery - Import Layers
    Embed Gadget - Put Google Earth in your Site
    Google Lit Trips - Books in Google Earth
    Adding Audio to Google Earth Placemarks
    Real World Math - Corn Fields and Geometry
    LatLong Blog - Official 
    Google Earth Blog - Unofficial 

    Google Maps in Action: Really Good Stuff 
    Dimensions - Google Maps 
    Scribble - Annotate your Google Maps
    Rubric - Elevate your Maps
    K-6 Community Project:

    Goofy but Good:
    Video Games in Google Earth

    Chilean Earthquake 1960.kmz
    Stacy Behmer,
    Nov 7, 2012, 8:31 PM
    Google Earth - Tutorial.kmz
    Stacy Behmer,
    Nov 7, 2012, 8:31 PM
    Weather mwgs.kmz
    Stacy Behmer,
    Nov 12, 2012, 2:36 PM